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Chroming | Chrome Plating Service

Chroming | Chrome Plating Services

Chroming | Chrome Plating of Classic & Vintage Car, Bike, Scooter and Marine Parts - UK & Europe. Fast Service +44 (0)1233 660879.

If your old chroming work is looking a little tatty we can help. Ashford Chroming offer a complete parts restoration service rechroming your old items and making them look new again.

Classic Car Chroming, Motorcycle Chroming, Bicycle Chroming, Marine Boat Chroming and an endless list of weird, wonderful and sometimes strange household items are just some of the parts we get asked to restore everyday.

Your parts will be professionally stripped of old chrome, re-polished by our skilled polishers and then made to look new with a fresh coat of triple plate chroming. If you would like to find out more about our chroming service, get answers to your chroming questions or find out how much chroming costs use the links below or contact us for an estimate.

Visit our web site or call us for more information, advice and chroming prices or estimations.

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