Sunday, February 22, 2009

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Chromium is a hard blue white metal, has a brilliant luster used as a plating on other metals. Chrome bumpers, car body trim, motorcycles, bicycles, Boats rigging's, Bath and Tap ware as well as tons of kitchen appliances are all examples of chrome plating.

The chrome is a think layer protecting a much thicker layer of Nickel, which makes Chrome appear Silver. Indeed it's not always easy to tell chrome plating from other finishes if the items are not side by side. When a decorative chrome electroplated finish sits right next to another bright finish, however, the other finish usually won't compare very favorably :-)

Chrome can be restored to a beautiful lustre and shine. Here's some what too's and what not too's to help you make your chrome shine like the professionals.

Clean your chrome first
Always wash in sudsy water. Rinse and wipe to restore the shine

Don't scour your chrome
Never use abrasive cleaners, wire wall, sandpaper or scouring pads to restore your chrome as it will scratch and dull the surface revealing the Nickel below. If your chrome is scoured or worn back to Nickel or bare metal you will have to take it to a reputable chrome plating shop there see below.

Make surface rust spots disappear in seconds!
If your chrome has surface rust marks try using kitchen foil dampened with Coca Cola, the rust will disappear before your eyes! If your part has too much rust or the rust has eaten into the chrome and even the metal below you will need to take it to a reputable chrome plating shop - see list below.

Remove grease and grime in seconds
Try using soft cloth dipped in un-diluted White Vinegar or Cider Vinegar to restore your chrome. For worse deposits of grease of gummy residue soak in a bucket or small tub, remove and rub with a cloth, or paper towel.

How to remove swirl marks
After you have cleaned your chrome, if it is hazy, has swirl marks or residue try using a soft cloth and baking soda or Lime to colour it and shine. Flower works well too.

Baby Oil can give your Chrome a Show Glow!
Baby oil can also be used to get your chrome shinning! Put some on a soft cloth and polish to a glow. Make sure you polish the residue off to limit it's ability to attract dust and dirt.

Fabric softener sheets will also work wonders on chrome!
Use new or used fabric softener sheets to restore the chrome-plated fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen. The chrome will sparkle like new!

Use a professional Chrome Polish and Restorer
There are some very good polishes made especially for chrome. This range of polishes will see your chrome glowing in no time!

Getting your chrome restored by a professional chrome plating shop
If you still can't get the world class shine your looking for, go to a reputable chrome plater or chroming shop . They will strip your old chrome, polish up your appliance or part to a flawless mirror and then give it a triple coat of copper, nickel and chrome giving your part that show like finish your looking for. Click Here for a list of Chrome Plating Shops and Chrome Restorers